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The Job Interview

A good job interview will get you hired. It is the decisive element of an application process, but don't let nerves get the better of you. Just follow these few simple steps:

1. Walk into the interview with the understanding that the company would benefit from your joining their team: you are not asking them to hire you—you're giving them a chance to. 

2. Set up for yourself, in advance, what you want to say—about yourself, about your career history, about what your approach will be in your new job—so that, whatever you’re asked, you will have a ready, comprehensive, and compelling response. 

3. Approach the interview with an open and friendly demeanor and be receptive to their questions and concerns. Enjoy every opportunity they give you to talk about yourself and what you will bring to the company.

A good resume can get you in the door, but a good interview can land you a job!

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