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Speaking Outdoors

How to avoid the pitfalls of an outdoor speaking engagement:

If there’s wind, keep your back to it—so the microphone doesn’t pick it up.


Your voice will be best picked up by your mic if you’re facing straight ahead—the moment you turn your head to the side, your amplification will drop. If you feel the need to address people on the sides of the room, turn from the waist, or pivot, so the alignment of your face to the mic remains the same.


Projection is key. As they say in the theater: speak so that the people in the back of the room can hear you.

There can be many distractions when speaking outdoors. If it's minor, keep focused on engaging your audience and making yourself inescapably compelling. If there is a lizard crawling around on the face of your lectern, feel free to pause and either help it down, or welcome it to the event.

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