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Jazz Hands!

Hands are the most prolific conduit for nervous energy that a speaker is cursed with: they'll want to do all kinds of things, independent of your will, to release that energy and steal focus.

So, what DO you do with your hands? Cross your arms at your chest? Hold them in front of your crotch? Behind your back? On your hips? At your sides? Raised to shoulder level, oscillating quickly from one slight rotation to another, producing a performative shimmer?

No! Pretty much everything you can think of to do with your hands is wrong. The best solution is to use them judiciously and otherwise keep them in a neutral state: resting together around your navel, either with one hand cradling the other, or apart. From there, they can help to emphasize a point, or be held at the ready--seen, but not distracting.

And no jazz hands!

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