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Standing in front of people and being yourself can be a challenge, but it is exactly what you need to do if you want to enthrall and persuade your audience. With our training, you can become a confident and commanding speaker with a direct and convincing message.

About Us
About Us


Dylan Chalfy

Founder, CEO, Head Communications Coach

For over 30 years, Dylan has been a professional actor, appearing on Broadway and in film and television.  

As a communications coach, he has channeled his expertise as a performer into instructive, insightful training for those who wish to improve their communication skills. Dylan's extensive experience in crafting performances, for both the expanse of large theaters and the intimacy of a camera lens, gives him the distinct perspective to help you become a confident, commanding speaker, whether you are addressing a large audience, navigating media interviews, pitching to a prospective client, or hosting your own show. 


Dylan has trained CEOs, reporters, television/radio hosts, authors, academics, foundation directors, world-renowned economists, spokespeople, athletes, and celebrities. Several of his clients have given TED talks and are regular contributors on cable news outlets.


Speak to your audienc
e the way you would want to be spoken to.


What you say is just as important as how you say it. Whether it's a speech, presentation, or interview, we will help you decide what your main points should be and then how to phrase them in the most direct and conversational terms.


Your physical presence is the first impression you make on an audience. The way you stand, sit, or approach a podium will communicate the level of confidence you have in your messaging--and yourself.  With our training, you will develop a physical composure that will command attention and respect. 


You need to tell a story to capture and hold an audience's attention. That means employing the storyteller's energy and vocal agility.  Our instruction will enable you to keep what you're saying new and exciting and keep your audience riveted.



​"Dylan Chalfy is a phenomenal speaking and media coach. I’ve learned more from him in two months than in ten years of teaching combined.  I can’t recommend him highly enough—I greatly value his communication expertise and his generosity.”

Adam M. Grant, Ph.D.

Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give And Take, Option B, and Originals


Adam Grant, author and Wharton School of Business professor
Walmart retailer corporation
Uber Technologies Incorporated
Omnicom media group holdings incorporated
Washington Speakers Bureau talent agency
Compass Experience Labs customer service
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