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Adam M. Grant, Ph.D.

Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Give And Take, Option B, and Originals

​"Dylan Chalfy is a phenomenal speaking and media coach. I’ve learned more from him in two months than in ten years of teaching combined.  I can’t recommend him highly enough—I greatly value his communication expertise and his generosity.”


Benedict Carey

Science Reporter, The New York Times


"Public presentation is a learned craft that, for many of us, is as threatening as it is demanding. But guided by Dylan Chalfy, preparation feels a lot like good psychotherapy – a discovery of one’s public self; in this case, that inner being who is both comfortable with, and comforted by, an audience. Dylan doesn’t so much conjure this spirit as inhabit it; he not only helps sharpen your message but also to embody it."

Christine Farrell

President, Washington Speakers Bureau


"Dylan came to WSB highly recommended and has delivered both in working with the WSB team and our clients. Whether the focus is on speaking, delivery, content or visual enhancements, Dylan has a keen sense for what will resonate and be best received by any audience.   And of course the results are immeasurable.   I would recommend Dylan to anyone looking to hone their communication skills."

John DeLucie

Executive Chef/Proprietor, Bedford & Co. and Empire Diner

"Dude, you are amazing!"




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