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Unprepared? Don't do it!

What do you do when you’ve been asked to give a presentation you have no time to prepare for? Don’t do it!!

It can only serve to make you and the company you represent look bad to try to formulate a presentation on the fly. Exuding confidence and speaking eloquently and fluidly requires—REQUIRES—sufficient preparation. You need to have a story to tell, and then you need to figure out the best way to tell it, and then you need to practice telling it! It is a performance, after all, and you can’t expect to knock anything out of the park without first practicing your swing!

There should never be a time when you find yourself in that kind of situation. The time to begin to prepare a presentation for a project is while it’s being developed. You need to distill for your potential backers what it is you’re creating and how it will directly benefit them. Approaching your project with this frame of mind will help you create something with an easily definable purpose and easily describable facets.

You can’t cram for a presentation. It demands a great deal of forethought and a healthy amount of practice. Preparation is key to a successful presentation. Don’t sell yourself—or your company—short.

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